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18 October 2021 - 20 October 2021
Horizon Europe Cluster 5 Climate, Energy, and Mobility International Networking Event

Registration Process

When you first register for our event your profile will not automatically be activated. Our team will review it and make sure it is complete and relevant. After validation, your profile will be activated. In order to ensure that you will be activated and able to participate in our event you should create a strong profile which will raise your visibility to others on this platform.

Improve your organisation profile

Your profile should contain the following: 

  1. photo, a logo of your organisation, and a short and clear description of your activities and interests.
  2. Add at least one cooperation profile in the Marketplace section: Your expertise, related research, production capacity, or an idea for a project.

The quality of your profiles will greatly influence the quality of our events and meetings. Thereforeonly after you have created/improved your cooperation profile(s) can we validate your participation.

How to create good cooperation profiles

To create your cooperation profile/idea(s), you have to log in to your profile and go to marketplace opportunities. 

  1. Cooperation profiles give you the opportunity to highlight, publish and promote your collaboration wishes for specific topics.
  2. IF you are a Coordinator/Consortium looking for partners:
    1. Briefly describe the project idea and expertise currently covered by the consortium.
    2. Be precise when describing the missing partners you are willing to meet: the type of partners (universities or private/public R&Ds, research infrastructure or industries etc.), the requested expertise.
  3. IF you are a Partner looking for a consortium:
    1. Do not just describe your general expertise but relate it to the specific call aim and sub-aims for proposals you are interested in: what could you bring to a project, what would be your added value, and activities you could take over for this specific call?
  4. Make sure you select the project stage, the call's expected outcomes (it can be more than one), and the type of cooperation you are seeking.

Please be aware that only complete profiles with at least one marketplace item (e.g. a collaboration opportunity) will be validated in the first phase and thus fully benefit by being visible and able to book meetings with participants at an early stage.

Please note that we are accepting presentations for the ones who are willing to take part in the pitching session only by 13 October.

All registrations for attending the event will close on October 15. All registrants not validated at that date will not be accepted as participants.

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Participants 372
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Türkiye 224
Spain 95
United Kingdom 16
Slovakia 15
France 14
Germany 13
Italy 12
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